Harlequin Baby Love 

My latest crochet project was this adorable blanket for my dear friend Nancy’s yet-to-arrive baby girl (who will undoubtedly be adorable too). 

Apart from the creative inspiration of imagining a beautiful little girl snuggled under a blanket made with love – the idea was originally sparked by another Coco Rose Diaries creation. 

In terms of the actual pattern for creating the diamonds (& half or quarter), there are plenty out there. I started with this one but utilised a number of different tips and patterns to arrive at my ultimate design. 

I did a single crochet border of each individual diamond (2sc in each row). And then joined with a raised stitch.

I used this pattern to help me work out colour placement – substituting my colours for the ones used there to stop me from needing to think too hard. The colours I chose reference the fabrics that will be used to decorate the nursery. 

I finished with a double crochet border and then spent a manic few hours the night before the baby shower to tie in all the edges!!

The gift delivery was a lovely success. 

Now to wait a few weeks for the baby to cast her judgement! xo


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