simple stripes baby blanket

This is my beautiful Goddaughter – Eleanor Astrid Kimberly – wrapped in a simple but effective (and full of love and prayers) blanket.

This blanket needed to be reasonably basic as I was recovering from surgery when I created it. Going around and round in simple laps was just about the extent of my capacity and attention span. 

I started with this basic solid Granny square and just kept increasing as per the pattern. If I was to do it again I might not include the double crochets on perhaps every third row because I think it made the corners slightly “pointier” than necessary. 

The stripe rows pattern (where teale = T and purple = P) was – 

4P, 1T, 4P, 4T, 1P, 4P, 3T, 1P, 3T, 3P, 1T, 3P, 2T, 1P, 2T, 2P, 1P, 2P, 1T, 1P, 1T, 1P, 1T, 1P

The special delivery made its way interstate and she was asleep under it exactly 10 days after first stitches. 

I love creating gifts like this and pray she enjoys many snuggles and good times wrapped up in it. ❤️


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